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I have been to many of Renskas clinics and she is also regularly coming out for lessons at our agistment. I purchased a green Icelandic gelding back in 2019 and she has been great in understanding his development, personality and my riding abilities. Each lesson she offers tasks to match his current stage and offers ideas what to practice until the next lesson. Its always about the horse and not about instant results, but the results do come in steady and solid. He could not manage a canter in his early years but with specific tasks and gentle encouragement he canters now freely in liberty and under saddle.


Renska is intuitive both in the way she works with Icelandic Horses and their owners- a rare gift to be able to work easily with horses and humans! She has been the steadying influence in the leap of faith we took when purchasing our little Viking horse. She has done a wonderful job guiding our horse to the place she is now at, through quiet, subtle and pragmatic adjustments. Nothing is too hard or complicated for Renska. She simply takes the time it takes to get both the horse and rider to the point of a happy working relationship.

Naomi and family