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About Hestaviska

Hestaviska, meaning ‘Horse Wisdom’ in Icelandic, is situated in Arthurs Creek, Melbourne, Hestaviska is run by Renska with the help of her family. The focus is instruction and horse training.

Renska’s love and passion for all things horsey began in her childhood, as happens for many little girls. Starting with ponies, Renska progressed to Dutch warmbloods and spent a number of years competing in dressage. Then, in her late teens, she discovered Icelandic horses (also known as ‘Iceys’ in the tight knit community) and her life was never the same.


In 2003 Renska moved her entire life from Holland to Australia to start a new adventure. With the adventure came challenge as she had to leave her beloved Icelandic, Kjarkur behind. Twenty years ago, the Icelandic breed was not well known in Australia but after some years, Renska found a way to start growing her herd once again. She now has around eight horses (including school horses) and other Icelandics that come to visit for training, starting or to be sold.

Renska is a dedicated teacher who is passionate about guiding horses and owners to connect deeply on an emotional and intuitive level so that together they can share a journey of growth. Renska has helped many riders overcome personal challenges and stumbling blocks throughout the years.  


Renska officially qualified as a riding instructor through ORUN (a Dutch organisation) in 2002. Since then she has done many clinics, online training and further education.